TED’s backflip on Sheldrake’s The Science Delusion

Professor Wankenstein posted on the removed TED talk by Rupert Sheldrake on The Science Delusion.

Rupert Sheldrake

Now, by popular demand through the sheer amount of negative feedback, TED has done a complete backflip and re-posted the talk. However, the reasons they gave for this retraction was due to their own factual errors, misleading statements and untrue comments on their blog discussion page(s) which they admitted were in retrospect clumsy. TED commented that the decision was made “after due diligence, including a survey of published scientific research and recommendations from our Science Board and our community”. Of course it had nothing to do with the enormous negative feedback or public comments made by Rupert Sheldrake himself.

To remove any talk by a highly respected, accomplished and intelligent individual only damages the credibility of TED, an elitist organisation, and most likely came from pressure from “the (very) establishment” Sheldrake was talking about. Whether you agree with a talk or not isn’t TED supposed to be a place to encourage intelligent, open and honest debate? Obviously these topics are important and relevant due to the enormous backlash. Time to wake up TED!

Here’s just a fraction of the Internet backlash against TED:

“TED Backs Down: People Power Wins Against Censorship” http://www.disinfo.com/2013/03/ted-backs-down-people-power-wins-against-censorship

“TED, knowledge, and power”

“Metaphors, Assumptions and Dogma in Science” https://trashbird1240.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/metaphors-assumptions-and-dogma-in-science-response-to-the-science-delusion-by-rupert-sheldrake

“The Way Out of the TED Mess, #1: The Problem”





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